Featuring Heather Keens

Conversations With My Voice - Brisbane Festival and UK tours 2013


From Anger To Sadness #4 - TaPRA Conference 2011

From Anger To Sadness #3 - National Review of Live Art 2009



From Anger To Sadness #2
Goldsmiths University 'Intimacy'
Conference 2008

Watch the performances:

From anger...


to sadness

From Anger To Sadness #1
Netvotech, York University Symposium 2007

From Anger To Sadness #1 for Chamber Choir, Soprano and Projections (2006): This original work used a nasendoscopy camera to record digital video images and sounds of the vocal folds engaged in emotive utterance while
exploring the emotional journey from anger to sadness. Nasendocscopy image capture by Dr John Rubin.

View an extract from the York performance of From Anger To Sadness

View extracts from the accompanying video Scream - spectrographic


From Anger to Sadness is part of the ongoing research project The Visual Voice conducted by Dr Frank Millward & Dr John Rubin.

From Anger to Sadness
for Solo Soprano, Choir and Multimedia Projections, a work by Frank Millward

Commissioned by NetVoTech Professor David Howard
Electronics Department, University Of York

First Performance 23rd July 2007

Dr John Rubin - Nasendoscopy Imaging
Heather Keens
- Solo Soprano & Vocal Fold Images
Singers led by Professor David Howard
Fleeta Siegel
- Technical Director and MAX operator
Evan S Raskob
- Max Patch Developer
Digital media, score, mix and production by the composer

This work was supported by The Royal National Throat, Nose, Ear Division Royal Free NHS Trust


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